Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 8

Editor's Note

"Darkness Sets In"

Life's an Essay Test; We're Obliged To Give Essay Answers

Making the Grade

"The false assumption most of them make is that Truth is somehow distant, elusive, and concealed. Their Truth must be tracked down, captured, and unveiled."


Different Drummer: Boethius of Rome

Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 7

Mad Scientist

Editorial Board meeting: March 24, 1994

Coming Up Next

How Am I Supposed To Live Without?

"They'll Know We Are Christians"

The Least of These

"Are we not, in fact, blaming the Godless for their very Godlessness?"


Different Drummer: Art Eddy

There are topics that can be covered and thoughts that can be shared from a lay speaker giving a message, sharing a witness, in a church setting that many pastors might not be able to deliver from the pulpit. For me, this raised questions about the meaning of "sermon" and even the definition of the term itself. I have, in the past, challenged members of my congregations on topics like how "the least of these" as described by Jesus ought to influence the way we treat "neighbors" as defined by Jesus. These were not always welcome words. Walking the earth began not long after the opportunities to speak up became more limited.

Just more than a year ago, I used the introduction to a TalkBack episode to share my feelings about the sudden, unexpected death of a friend within the Pride48 community. Sadly, another sudden, unexpected death has led me to extend the introduction here. I'm remembering one of my favorite people from Louisiana at this time, despite the fact that we never met in person.


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 6

Just Say No, Nancy

You're On The Air


Cover Version

Tell Us What You Think

"By bringing the hallucinatory powers of your own brain to bear upon your experiment, you will be able to easily retrace your steps."


Different Drummer: Brook Berringer


Memorial Stadium, Lincoln

Have you ever been unexpectedly stuck staring down the barrel of a gun being held by someone who clearly states he has no qualms about shooting you if you don't cooperate?

Outside of military-style preparation or perhaps police academy work, I believe it's impossible to predict how anyone would respond in such circumstances. I also found it challenging to assess how I responded for weeks, if not months, afterward. Simple answers rarely suffice.

When I tell the story now, I usually present the situation for laughs. Why not? If you can't find the humor, then you don't fully understand it. 
My understanding exceeds the platitudes and soundbites of your average person protesting for their "rights."


Also: here is a recent panel discussion on the This Week In Gay podcast, covering different topics. Pleased to participate!


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 5


Sexual Revolutionary Critic

On Your Way Home

Assignment: Aion


The Readers' Reply (Letters over 300 words may be edited for length and clarity)

"We're going to be jumping around for the next couple of days. Let me have some undivided attention, and I'll attempt to give you a feel for what we're referencing."


Different Drummer: Nadia Bolz-Weber

The first venture into TalkBack podcast episodes was thematic, Christmas shows in November-December 2018. It isn't hard to find running themes in past episodes of Inappropriate Conversations. A focus on the impact of gun usage starts here, revisiting October 2015, and will continue later in the month with a story that was 30+ years old in February 2013.

I tend to tire very quickly over gun control debates. The conversation always seems to devolve to extremes. Worse, what should be an open discussion on the relationship between rights and responsibilities never starts. 

If you make it impossible for people to make you happy, people will lose interest in whether you are happy or not. No, I'm not interested in the happiness of people who love objects and use people. It's true regardless of where such people stand on any political spectrum. Some things, once broken, cannot be restored.


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