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Minority experiences and law enforcement.

Different Drummer: Claudette Colvin


Jimmy Cliff - "Piece of the Pie"

Billie Holiday - "Strange Fruit"

The Clash - "Know Your Rights"

The Beatles - "Piggies"

The Boomtown Rats - "The Elephant's Graveyard"

Public Enemy - "Welcome to the Terrordome"

Public Enemy - "Fight the Power"

Ice T - "Body Count"

Steve Reich - "Come Out"

801 - "Law And Order"

Michelle Shocked - "Graffiti Limbo"

Nahko and Medicine for the People - "Make a Change"

Bob Dylan - "The Times They Are A-Changin'"

Bob Dylan - "Blowin' in the Wind"

Sounds Of Blackness - "Black Lives Matter: No Justice No Peace"

Sounds Of Blackness - "Time for Healing"

Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Get Up Stand Up"





Perhaps we have reached a point where the most important decisions I'll make in this lifetime can no longer be discussed with family members. They don't want to hear it. My challenges are confusing, even aggravating. Would it be best if I just, I don't know, talked less and smiled more?

Different Drummer: Alexander Hamilton


186: Consent


Topics: Consent, Orlando, Brexit, Segregation, Abortion, Secretly Timid (Pride 48).

Different Drummer: Nan Little Kirkpatrick


Perhaps the best way to answer the inaccurate and probably blasphemous words being put into the mouth of Jesus by some pastors and politicians is to quote Jesus of Nazareth at length. My favorite way of doing that is sharing The Sermon On The Mount. For better or worse, I've chosen to do that in a way that might have gotten me burned at the stake a few hundred years ago.

Different Drummer: John Wycliffe

Tea Party Jesus - the Tumblr


I don't want to talk about gun control. It's a topic I have generally avoided, partly because the conversation usually misses the point. It isn't about controlling ownership -- the confiscation hysteria -- and it should be all about maintaining a "control" over our standards for usage. Only the fully qualified (law enforcement, hunters, National Guard) and properly trained (a standard that will eliminate even some of the legally qualified) should be using weapons in public. My subconscious called this obvious requirement to my mind this week, while I was trying not to dream about the latest in a long series of deadly school shootings.

Different Drummer: William Hamby

What If Gun Laws Were Like Abortion Laws?

Redrawing the Responsibility Line: A "Radically Moderate" Take on Gun Control


Perhaps on some level American politics has always had its share of game strategy. Maybe it's a myth that our so-called "founding fathers" set aside their own interests to form a new nation, and maybe all the key elements of the U.S. Constitution really just came from one influential leader trying to trick or embarrass a political enemy and that's the only way we actually have a freedom to assemble, for example. Seems unlikely, Even if such claims were true, we still have a major issue today with the poor quality of game being played.

Different Drummer: Dwight Eisenhower


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