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192: 100 Ways


I recall an exercise that I found unexpectedly challenging: making 100 clear and simple statements about myself that were true and affirming, in the sense of not being negative. I've been sharing parts of this throughout Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth podcasts. This time, I revist that list. 

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I've been warning people about the dangers of hypocrisy for more than three decades now, doing so as if I might face some harsh judgment if I don't. I'm still sounding the alarm today, sometimes with opinion and other times with quotation. 

Different Drummer: Ezekiel of Jerusalem


Perhaps the best way to answer the inaccurate and probably blasphemous words being put into the mouth of Jesus by some pastors and politicians is to quote Jesus of Nazareth at length. My favorite way of doing that is sharing The Sermon On The Mount. For better or worse, I've chosen to do that in a way that might have gotten me burned at the stake a few hundred years ago.

Different Drummer: John Wycliffe

Tea Party Jesus - the Tumblr


Two years ago, I made a head decision -- an intellectual choice -- to attend a Pride48 event as soon as schedules could be coordinated. The time lag says a lot about my vacation schedule and nothing about my resolve. This year, I can say as a heart decision -- a more spiritual confidence -- that it was one of the better plans I've made. Anyone who has followed previous vacation episodes knows that my wife and I make excellent travel plans, too. So, while I normally don't do recap shows, it just makes sense to talk about "what I did on my summer vacation" as a follow-up to the original Proud To Know You episode on Inappropriate Conversations (#128).

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Canyon Walker Connections story on evol =



The Walk The Earth podcast hit a milestone of sorts in recent weeks with an episode recorded before a live audience. Seems like a good time for Inappropriate Conversations to look back at the still-building history of Walk The Earth, including the mission of the show and the questions I have attempted to answer.

Different Drummer: Francis of Assisi


Strident Christian views about homosexuality have compromised any defense of infallibility, causing some to question the existence of God. Certainly there is justification for denying the validity of their anti-LGBTQ worldview. After all, in less than a decade “religious right” speakers presuming to represent Christianity have moved from there is no such thing as sexual orientation to homosexuality is just a choice to maybe it isn’t a choice but there can’t be anything inherent to it to if it is inherent in some way it still cannot possibly by “natural” to either way it’s just a behavior that represents a rebellion against God to those people can attend church but they can never be members of our congregation to perhaps they can join us in Christian fellowship but only if they take a vow of involuntary celibacy to perhaps it is inevitable that some of them will live together but we don’t want to know what that intimacy entails to God can forgive all sins but not the sin of those people wanting to get married. Frankly, it is dizzying how many times a perfect and never-changing God has put a completely different idea, or strategy, into the mouths of those who purport to speak on behalf of deity. This Inappropriate Conversation is going to give the soapbox to a totally different group, gay Christians. "Why worship a God of love if doing so means denying the possibility of experiencing love?" (N.T., Australia). What do we do if some Christians don’t want LGBTQ people worshiping God in the first place? Where do we find either the Great Commission or the Great Commandments in that Christian worldview? Perhaps, the Spirit of the living God is pointing us in a different direction. We should listen.

Different Drummer: John Shore


As a writer, I always knew that "dumping the notebook" would create a longer and less focused news story. The time and discipline it takes to match ideas and paraphrase would trade density for brevity, rather than the opposite. This look at how police work is conducted today and the impact that has on local, particularly minority, communities does the opposite. It's more sprawling and anything but brief. On an issue where jumping to quick conclusions is far too common, I felt the need to take more time. The short summary is simple, though: we can do better than we are today.

Different Drummer: Amos of Tekoa


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