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There are topics that can be covered and thoughts that can be shared from a lay speaker giving a message, sharing a witness, in a church setting that many pastors might not be able to deliver from the pulpit. For me, this raised questions about the meaning of "sermon" and even the definition of the term itself. I have, in the past, challenged members of my congregations on topics like how "the least of these" as described by Jesus ought to influence the way we treat "neighbors" as defined by Jesus. These were not always welcome words. Walking the earth began not long after the opportunities to speak up became more limited.

Just more than a year ago, I used the introduction to a TalkBack episode to share my feelings about the sudden, unexpected death of a friend within the Pride48 community. Sadly, another sudden, unexpected death has led me to extend the introduction here. I'm remembering one of my favorite people from Louisiana at this time, despite the fact that we never met in person.


As the old saying goes: the church is not a building; the church is the people. Well, I've been interacting with some of those people in new/old ways lately. The early episode of Walk The Earth was about walking away from one congregation. We had not yet found a new one yet. Now, years later, the church I've since joined is planning to start a podcast. Some of our sessions have been planning, others recording. I'll share links to Harmony Springs Gives Voice when podcasts are posted, probably on TalkBacks like this one. I've also recently joined a panel discussion on the podcast This Week In Gay with religious freedom/liberty among the topics. I'll share that the same way at the appropriate time. 

For now, I did need to define "church" if I wanted to talk about walking away from one, either permanently or on the way to something better.


When a new member of a church pledges to join a congregation, the public statement is often about supporting the church with prayers, presence, gifts, and service. At the point of deciding to leave a particular church, though, that pledge gets called into question. For some, leaving a congregation can reflect an abandonment of everything, all of that plus belief itself. For my family, though, the tension was more about whether the commitment was to a particular local church or something different, something more.

This episode, #wte 001, started the series of questions in a spinoff podcast of Inappropriate Conversations
simply called Walk The Earth.

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